Welcome to Thoughtful Vittles’ shiny, new digs here at WordPress!  We’ve moved over from our old home here on Blogger: http://www.thoughtfulvittles.blogspot.com.  Thoughtful Vittles came about as a means of documenting my shift from a typical meat and potatoes-centered diet to a primarily plant-based one.  Personally, I have easily been able to shed unwanted pounds, maintain a healthy weight, lower my blood pressure, and regain energy since making the switch at the beginning of 2010.  While I had been familiar with and enjoyed both vegetarian and vegan cooking for many years, I had not made the commitment to making real healthy eating a permanent way of life for my family and myself.  While I refer to particular recipes, foods or restaurants as vegan or vegetarian, I still do not ascribe to these labels for myself.  While I eat mainly plants – vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, grains and legumes – I do occasionally use some eggs and dairy and am not against sampling a variety of local, organic products, including organic meat and sustainable fish.

The original tag-line for Thoughtful Vittles was “Random thoughts on food choices, politics, dilemmas… but most of all the joys of moving towards a plant-based diet” and this is what we will continue to explore here: ways to go towards a mainly plant-based diet, with a focus on eating in-season, sustainably and not only low on the food chain, but low in cost, quick and accessible.  Oh… and FUN!  There will be cupcakes 🙂

About the author:  Sheila Oakley, aka Thoughtful Vittles, grew up in the Eastern Townships and now lives in Montreal, Quebec, has a graduate degree in Sociology, a six-year son, an obsession with photography and a passion for local agricultural initiatives, reducing her footprint on the planet, food security and equal access to nutritious food.  She firmly believes eating well should not be reserved for the well-to-do.