Commensal lunch and … where does all the food go??

Life here is getting busier and should be back to down-right hectic next week when I start… yeah… a brand new job!  Today, a light lunch from Commensal because heavy lunches cost more (pay by weight). It hit the spot but its not my first choice for eats – it just happened to be close by and convenient. I had a second lunch mid-afternoon at home.  It was a two lunch kind of day.  I don’t have a photo of it because it was sad:  A tofurky sandwich in a bun with Dijon.  It was supposed to have sauerkraut but the large jar still sits unopened on my counter, waiting for someone stronger than me to come home and open it 😦

Tonight: More eating out.  Location to remain secret for those lurkers out there, but will post tomorrow!

Pretty dull mid-MoFo blogging here if I do say so myself.  I need to do some bulk cooking and freezing this weekend so there should be more to show.  I can’t believe my fridge is nearly devoid of anything but condiments again.  It seems like I spent $60 on groceries every other day the past week… eeks!

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