Weekend round-up: Vegan Dad’s sausages, Isa’s pumpkin scones and chili cranberry sauce

A little on the late side, Vegan MoFo day 8 is actually a presentation of day 6’s food.  Let’s start with dessert.  I still had pureed roasted pumpkin and fresh Quebec cranberries that were looking for a home:  Look no further than Veganomicon’s Pumpkin-Cranberry Scones!  They didn’t turn out with exactly what I would call scone-like texture.  It might have been because I used regular unbleached pastry flour instead of whole wheat pastry flour, or because I put in 1/3 a cup less sugar than called for.  To me, they turned out better than scones:  A light cake-like texture, spicy with a hint of tartness.  Absolutely devine!  They were fed to many people and everybody thought they were great.  Definitely making more of these.

With the rest of the cranberries I made the Cranberry-Chili Dipping Sauce, again, from Veganomicon.

Moving on to the main course, something to please a crowd:  These homemade sausages from Vegan Dad’s blog.

I must admit that when I was rolling what looked like a sloppy mess up in aluminum foil and steaming it, I was afraid we would have to call for pizza or make a quick pasta and sauce from a jar.  But no, no, these were indeed FABULOUS and, as Vegan Dad says “freakishly sausage-like.”  After steaming, I browned then in a cast iron pan in a little oil.  They were served in fresh buns with steamed green beans and roasted garlic potatoes.  I had mine sans bun, because they were super filling on their own.  We even found the cranberry-chili sauce was nice over the beans.

I liked them so much that I made another batch Sunday morning and had one for brunch with leftover potatoes and various sauteed veggies. AAand they came in handy for supper at the in-laws where spaghetti and sauce with meat balls was served with a side of ratatouille … they were excellent sliced up and tossed with the pasta.

Well I’m calling it a night.  Its been a long day and I might just feel like staying in bed tomorrow.  Good thing I have left over scones and sausages 🙂

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One Response to Weekend round-up: Vegan Dad’s sausages, Isa’s pumpkin scones and chili cranberry sauce

  1. Sarah says:

    I made scones on the weekend (goji oatmeal) and they sucked. 😦 The baking powder was off or something. Tasted very, very metallic, and I was using aluminum-free baking powder. 😦

    Love those sausage! I made PPK one-hour thanksgiving supper tonight. The kids were veyr happy.

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