Scratch Kitchen: Indian Curry at the Copa

Montreal has a dozen or so veg*n restaurants, but what I really enjoy is finding vegan options in unexpected places.  It may not do for purests, but I personally don’t mind eating a veg meal in an omni restaurant.

One great whole-in-the-wall find that has actually been up running for years is the Scratch Kitchen at the Copacabana bar (3910 St. Laurent boulevard).  The kitchen’s curry dishes shine, but there are also more traditional meaty pub dishes available.  From the short but flavourful vegetarian section, I chose a mixed vegetable dahl and my partner took his usual cauliflower and chickpea curry.  Small portions are served with basmati rice and a little salad for $8 and larger plates are served with a rice pilaf, salad, and a selection of vegetables for $11.  We had a plate of pakaros for a starter (ask for the non-dairy dipping sauce).  They were slightly over done on our visit, as though the oil had overheated.  Another veg starter I will try on another visit is the yucca fries served with spicy ketchup.  And they are very considerate of vegan requests.

When you consider two can dine (well) for $20 flat, before beer, this place is a find and a real steal!


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4 Responses to Scratch Kitchen: Indian Curry at the Copa

  1. Lucy says:

    Let me know when you’re going the next time since I’d love to try this place out!

  2. Sarah says:

    LOL We went out for South Indian today. Happy Diwali!

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