Same old, same old… soy allergy?

Do you ever get yourself into a cooking rut?  Sticking to the same meals/recipes time and time again?  I seem to be in one these days.  I think its due to part crazyness that is the back-to-school season, part lack of imagination and part desire to turn to good reliable foods repeatedly.  
Case in point this week, for the umpteenth time, I made a favorite quick and cheap fall-back I found on My Vegan Cookbook:

Mushroom-lentil stroganoff

I tweaked the recipe a bit by substituting a container of Belsoy cooking cream for the silken tofu, which makes it extra creamy and sour-cream-like.

The next night we had the tempeh ‘crab’ cakes previously featured here, along with oven fried Quebec potatoes and baked local butternut squash, which I love just drizzled with olive oil and a little salt and pepper.

I then had leftovers of these meals for lunches.  That’s all good… except… over those days I had an increase of symptoms, mainly dermatological, like itchy skin with welts, and sinus congestion, that I’ve been bothered by on and off on a fairly regular basis since going mainly veg at the beginning of the year.  It finally dawned on me to look up the symptoms of soy allergiesAha… this is sounding pretty familiar to me I thought.  So I haven’t had any soy since mid-day yesterday and I’m already feeling much better.  I’m going to go a few more days and then introduce a small amount to see what happens.  Depending on how the experiment goes, I’ll be needing to get much more creative with my recipes. 

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One Response to Same old, same old… soy allergy?

  1. Priscilla says:

    Hi!I saw you're from the Montreal area and that you made a post a while ago about Cru-Vitalité's ice cream if you're in facebook I invite you to give Like into the Cru-Vitalité or Raw-Vitality page. THANKS!!!

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