Browsing other blogs.. finding fab pinto bean burgers..

I’ve had so many commercial, packaged veggie burgers this summer that (no offense to veggie burger producers but) I can’t stand the thought of eating another one anytime soon.  Sure, they came in handy when dinner had to get on the table and it was so hot that we wanted to stretch pool time out as long as possible, or for those last-minute invites to BBQ parties.  But when I came across this recipe over at Good Good Things for BBQ Pinto Bean Burgers, I knew I had come across a fast, nutritious alternative that I had try and soon.  They took even less than the advertised 30 minutes to prepare.

I topped mine with kale, tomato, onion, Dijon mustard and Vegenaise.

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4 Responses to Browsing other blogs.. finding fab pinto bean burgers..

  1. Sarah Goblot says:

    Sometimes my kids will eat my homemade burgers, sometimes not. They will always eat the premade stuff.

  2. Same here, unfortunately.

  3. JENNA says:

    <3! Thank you so much for writing about my blog and recipe! I'm happy to hear you liked the burgers and I love that you topped them with kale. I'm definitely going to do that the next time I make them.

  4. Thank you Jenna for coming up with a great recipe and posting it. Love your blog BTW 🙂

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