On living with the omnis

On any given day my household can have anywhere from two to five inhabitants: Me and four male omnivores.  Our home is blended in more ways than one 🙂 When it comes time for making tasty vittles, this usually means everybody ends up eating veg; although sometimes the guys go for the meat and I just have something.. um… else…  

… like tempeh in Jamaican Jerk sauce instead of sausages, with the same sides: Roasted herbed potatoes, peas and sauerkraut:

On other days, its a really full house complete with guests.  For this weekend meal, there were appetizers of crusty baguette and this new flavour of commercial hummus: Roasted artichoke & spinach – delicious and, hey, its summer, I’m not going to spend all day in the kitchen :).

Followed by local corn on the cob:

and chili with everything thrown in – tomatoes, onions, garlic, three colours of peppers, corn, carrots, broccoli, lotsa spices and Just-Like-Ground (I’m probably forgetting something here):

And for dessert – banana chocolate chip muffins:

All 100% plant and nobody noticed what they were “missing.”

Hope you are all having a great, healthy week.  I’m off to the kitchen to make some lentil loaf and local fresh veggies 🙂

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