Raw vegan ice cream in Villeray

What a treat! And right here in my neighbourhood (Villeray)!  Cru Vitalié / Raw-Vitality has just opened a storefront operation at 151 Gounod, a few blocks east of Jarry Park.  My son and I dropped by and were treated to a detailed product description and taste test by Georgia, the outgoing co-founder and mother of five.

The purveyors of delicious Kale Chips, Parma-Veg and RawKaroons now offer a line of dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, live, raw, vegan frozen treats.  And they are FANTASTIC!  I’ve tried the Chia Vanilla, Rocky Road, and my son’s favorite, Double Chocolate.  The whole process from start to finish takes place on the premises and can be topped off with raw nuts and raw chocolate sauce.. Yum! 

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3 Responses to Raw vegan ice cream in Villeray

  1. Hi!I went there today.:)

  2. Wasn't it great? What did you have? I've since been back for the chocolate chip which just might be my new new favorite 🙂

  3. Ildiko says:

    Wow, great news, will check it out for sure!!!!

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