Wow.. that is truly the worst "food" I’ve ever seen

By now you’ve probably heard about this latest assault to our senses: The KFC Double Down.

Then I was directed to look at this mystery food:

Yes folks, that really is chicken. The type used in processed chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, etc. The stuff people commonly feed to their kids.

Thank goodness for Vegan Dad‘s recipe for these delicious seitan “wingz”:

It is somehow ironic isn’t it? That one would essentially copy a nutrient-devoid, sodium-laden, chemically-enhanced mystery food with an entirely plant-based, protein-rich, and thoroughly delicious version. Okay, I’ve made myself hungry now. I need Wingz.

Post-script: My son helped me make a batch that we had for lunch, with many left over. He loves them even though he finds them a bit too spicy. He never did like actual chicken nuggets. Score one for the vegan version 🙂

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2 Responses to Wow.. that is truly the worst "food" I’ve ever seen

  1. Sarah Goblot says:

    disgustingmost disgusting everi made some last monday. yum. 🙂

  2. SheilaO says:

    Hehe… yes, I should mention those are the yummier alternative to the disgusting pseudo food. I made them for lunch. Anton likes them though still finds them too spicy even though I've toned down the sauce. He was home with an ear infection. This time with antibiotics. Say, have you seen that Becel has vegan margarine now? Tasty and softer than Earth Balance (not to mention cheaper).

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