Toxic Spices??

Oh great.. what next??
My favorite spices.. that’s what. Its a good thing my son doesn’t like a lot of spice to begin with.

Imported spices reported to have double the lead content found in U.S. brands:

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2 Responses to Toxic Spices??

  1. Sarah Goblot says:

    I think that is a bit misleading. The spices are decorative spices only, not meant for consumption. Obviously kids can, and do, digest them, but a better article would be on avoiding the use of toxic/non-consumable products on kids. Magali had that powder on her forehead when she was 5 months old as she represented fertility at a wedding.

  2. SheilaO says:

    The article does detail the correlation between lead and ingesting imported spices. It is probably a low risk overall. Dollar Store jewelry trinkets are likely worse."One 12-month-old Indian boy in the case study showed lead poisoning after regularly eating imported spices such as turmeric, black mustard seed and asafetida that contained lead. After the family stopped using imported spices, the patient's lead level dropped to 14 micrograms per decilitre within six months."

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