Fast Breakfast

One of my favorite quick breakfasts is to have a veggie paté on whole grain toast and a smoothie. I don’t know if you have something like this available where you are but this green peppercorn terrine by local producer Cuisine Pur Plaisir is a dead-ringer for liver paté, but completely plant-based and actually packed with nutrients (like 75% of your daily B12 requirements per serving). I know, you’d think I was getting kick-backs from these companies but I swear that’s not the case! 🙂

I’m having a banana-strawberry-rice milk smoothie today but of course the possibilities are endless. (The banana I used was so ripe I think this might have some alcohol content to it.. hiccup).

Have a great healthy day everyone!! 🙂

PS.. I have a ton of posts back-logged since I was away most of last week… they’ll pop up in the coming days..

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