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Little Chefs’ Fruit Salad

Les Ateliers Cinq Épices (The Five Spices Workshops.. roughly translated) held another cooking workshop at my son’s school this morning and I was on hand to help out (and snap photos). On today’s menu: Fruit salad with a lime-mint-honey sauce. … Continue reading

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Environment reasons to cut out meat: Part II: Greenhouse gas emissions

The 2006 UN/FAO report “Livestock’s Long Shadow” was key in spreading knowledge about the negative environmental impacts of livestock production. At this time, it was estimated that “livestock are responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.” However, a more … Continue reading

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Environmental reasons to cut out meat: Part I: Water consumption

In keeping with the yesterday’s World Water Day theme: According to National Geographic it takes 1,799 gallons of water to make just one pound of beef. This does not include the additional water used for irrigation of the crops which … Continue reading

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More Quick Meal Ideas

A couple more super quick plant-based meal ideas because, for some reason I can’t quite figure out, I find myself super-busy and strapped for time, even though I’m currently unemployed.. scratching my head. First up is yet another inspiration from … Continue reading

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Toxic Spices??

Oh great.. what next?? My favorite spices.. that’s what. Its a good thing my son doesn’t like a lot of spice to begin with. Imported spices reported to have double the lead content found in U.S. brands:

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Tofu ‘Eggs’ Two Ways

TOFU… not just another four-letter word.. a protein source with seemingly endless possibilities… Here I’ve rescued a block of plain tofu headed towards its “best before date” and given it new life masquerading as scrambled “eggs” and an “egg” salad … Continue reading

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Rice and Beans Redux

A simple dish combining leftover canned lentils, leftover cooked brown rice, asparagus steamed in the microwave (2 minutes), tossed with a couple tablespoons of Bel Soy, a dash of sodium-reduced tamari, and nutritional yeast flakes. Total time: about 5 minutes. … Continue reading

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Kitchen Inspiration

I admit it, I have yet to come up with many exciting new recipe ideas of my own. I find so much inspiration out there in veggie blog land! I noticed Julieanna Hever’s post on Japanoodles the other day and … Continue reading

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Fast Breakfast

One of my favorite quick breakfasts is to have a veggie paté on whole grain toast and a smoothie. I don’t know if you have something like this available where you are but this green peppercorn terrine by local producer … Continue reading

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Meatless Monday Meal – Lentil Loaf and Swiss Chard

Even though every day has become Meatless Monday around here, I still think it can’t hurt to make the point that if everybody just cut meat out for one day a week the planet (and their bodies) would be better … Continue reading

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