Week off from cooking/blogging

Dear blog, please accept my sincere apologies for my week-long abandonment. Thank you.

I must confess there has not been a great deal of cooking going on here this past week. And what I have made I have forgotten to snap photos of. Still getting used to this.

A week ago Saturday I made an enormous quantity of vegetable cassoulet based on this recipe. The recipe says serves 4-6 but we were three adults and three children (who actually eventually ate it and then declared that they liked.. ) and there was enough left for about another 6 servings. Basically, I was eating left overs all week and still have a serving in the freezer. So lets say this is a great way to feed a crowd on a chilly day or to make a meal that can serve as lunches forever.

Sunday I promised to make a cake for a birthday party and I put this together: A rich chocolate cake with a mint-flavoured whipped cream topping and decorated with After Eights. It was a BIG hit. My son has declared he wants the same cake for his birthday (in 3 weeks). I am going to veganize it and, get this, if you ignore the “this product may have come in contact with milk products” warning of the box, After Eights actually are vegan – not that that’s necessarily an excuse to stuff one’s face with them. EDIT: No, actually, they are not. I totally missed a butter-derived ingredient when I first read the label. My apologies.

I was on a mission this week to do some on-the-cheap redecorating / tiddying / sorting out of stuff and cooking went to the back burner (pardon the bad pun). So it was leftover cake and cassoulet, take-out veggie Indian fare and quick veggie-tofu-rice stir fries all week.

I’ve noticed I’ve spent far more than someone who’s unemployed ought to the past 2 months so this month will be dedicated to the frugal veg. Time to make use of what is already in stock and stick to the farmer’s market.

Happy last day of February!!

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