What’s In Your Lettuce?

Today’s EWWW food news story concerns a staple of veggie and carnivore diets alike: lettuce. Ok, more specifically, bagged lettuce – the ones marked “pre-washed,” “triple-washed,” “ready to eat,” etc.

Consumer Reports published the results of a study (here) they performed on packaged and bagged salad mixes, including organic varieties, and found “bacteria that are common indicators of poor sanitation and fecal contamination—in some cases, at rather high levels.” In 39% of their sample. No E. coli or salmonella was found, thankfully.

I’ll admit to having purchased and eaten the very products studied and, no, I did not re-wash them. Well… *that* won’t be happening again..

Besides, buying pre-packaged salads and mixed lettuces means buying more plastic waste. I’ll make the effort to mix my own.

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