It IS easy being green

Living in Montreal has certain perks when it comes to finding excellent local, organic veggie food – and at a reasonable price. A common myth I’ve come across concerning eating well, eating local, eating organic, eating vegan/vegetarian.. or any combination of the above, is that it is too costly. I beg to differ and, since I am currently unemployed, I need to make a point of finding economical means of getting good food on a budget. Certainly, purchasing processed, pre-packaged organic, vegan fare can be costly, but that is true of processed, pre-packaged non-organic, mystery products too.

Lately I’ve been exploring restaurants, cafés, grocery stores and yoga studies at reduced price – even free – thanks to The Green Consciousness Guide / Le Guide Conscience Verte. It is packed with coupons redeemable at dozens.. no, make that hundreds, of local, eco-conscious businesses – including many 2 for 1 deals at vegetarian/vegan restaurants and entire free weeks of yoga at several studios. For $20 it can pay for itself with one use!

Today, I took advantage of a 2 for 1 deal at the Green Panther. They say they make the world’s best falafel and now I believe them! Golden and crispy on the outside; fluffy, green, fragrant goodness on the inside. I ordered one falafel sandwich to go for today’s lunch and one tempeh sandwich for tomorrow – both for under 8$!

Sadly, the photo does not do them justice 😦

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