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Week off from cooking/blogging

Dear blog, please accept my sincere apologies for my week-long abandonment. Thank you. I must confess there has not been a great deal of cooking going on here this past week. And what I have made I have forgotten to … Continue reading

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What a Difference a Day Makes

Ode to Meat-Free Monday:

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Poutine and Tourtiere, or how to veganize traditional Québecois foods

Disclaimer: If you are looking for super-healthy, nutrient-dense, fat-free fare: overt your eyes! I have been dreaming up a truly tasty gourmet vegan version of poutine for weeks… ok, months, and I finally got my act together and made this … Continue reading

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From the "When will our so-called government learn dept":

Recalls, lax inspection, increasing food contamination – the food inspectors union urges Canadians to show their concern by contacting their local MP and urging them to “vote for a food safety plan which calls for the Prime Minister to take … Continue reading

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Still more chocolate…

Last night I craved comfort food and it came in the form of this improvised red lentil dal over mixed rice. I’m having some left overs for lunch as I post this. The whole house smells wonderful! And because I … Continue reading

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Forks Over Knives

Great buzz already around this movie coming this summer: And I’m drooling over this video of some food prepared for the production:

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Little Chefs

Here’s the munchkin himself, taking part in a workshop at school put on by Les Ateliers Cinq Epices (site in French only). This is a Montreal non-profit organization whose goal is to promote healthy eating habits in children (and their … Continue reading

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Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Here I am already getting waaay behind in here! I had the munchkin home from school with me for a few days with what started out as a cold and then a rash and turned out to be fifth disease … Continue reading

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It IS easy being green

Living in Montreal has certain perks when it comes to finding excellent local, organic veggie food – and at a reasonable price. A common myth I’ve come across concerning eating well, eating local, eating organic, eating vegan/vegetarian.. or any combination … Continue reading

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What’s In Your Lettuce?

Today’s EWWW food news story concerns a staple of veggie and carnivore diets alike: lettuce. Ok, more specifically, bagged lettuce – the ones marked “pre-washed,” “triple-washed,” “ready to eat,” etc. Consumer Reports published the results of a study (here) they … Continue reading

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